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Winter Bushcraft

Level II

2 Day Class : 9am - 4pm 

  Date:   January 28-29th

Join us at Raven Wilderness School for our Winter Bushcraft and Survival course where we will take you though the essentials of Survival in colder climates!

In this course we will teach you about best ways to keep your body tempatures regulated as well as keeping your slater insulated and warm through a winter storm.

The class will sleep out overnight in wilderness made shelters and cover all topics on how to make it through the night warm and dry. 

We will cover many different fire starting techniques as well as locating dry firewood and tinder in wet cold climates.

You will discover the long fire, firewall, proper insulation, and core body tempature regulations.

Covered in this class will also be the understanding of calories burnt in the winter time.

Day 2 we will turn towards the bushcraft portion where we will gather the materials necessary to create our winter bushcraft essentials where we will make a project that you will be able to tryout during class and at home!

Some of the Skills Covered:

- Winter shelter construction

- Improvised snowshoes, pack frame, bucksaw

- Different types of fires and there uses

- Improvised ice fishing techniques

- Sleeping methods of staying warm all night

- Winter bushcraft equipment

- Advanced axe skills & tree felling


At the end of this course you will understand how Bushcraft and Survival go hand in hand!

Hope to see you there!

*Please note this is a more challenging class as we will be sleeping out overnight in a winter climate*

A class gear list will be emailed out to you upon sign up.

~Early sign up discount now active!~

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