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Excellent bushcraft book co-authored by my ​two mentors, Ray Mears and Lars Falt. This book covers everything you need to know about wilderness bushcraft.

A signed copy of this book can be purchased from 


Lar​s Falt is one of the world's leading survival instructors. Lars started the Swedish military survival school, where he was the lead instructor for many years. Lots of great wilderness skills are contained in this book.

This is the Raven Wilderness School official school book. Copies can be purchased during class.

T​his book can be purchased from 


Ray Mears, in my option, is the worldwide leading bushcraft instructor. He has written many books on the subject; this is one of the best.

All his books can be purchased from

This book, plus many other bushcraft items, can be found at: 


Paul Kirtley worked along side of Ray Mears in his early years, honing his bushcraft skills. He now owns Frontier Bushcraft in the UK. Paul has a vast wealth of wilderness knowledge that he shares in his new book.

His book can be purchased from 

A signed copy from Paul can be found at: 

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