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Survival Medicine and Craft

with Jacks Genega


2 Day Class / Overnight

Wildwood Medicine and Craft is a course designed to encourage participants to develop a deeper understanding of treelore and the resources available to them in the fields of bushcraft and survival. This class is catered towards students from all skill levels and no experience is required. Students will grow a sense of how to harvest various materials from their woodland environment for numerous means. Each day participants will learn to positively identify a handful of trees and build on that knowledge with hands-on experience in preparing medicine or food, as well as fire and craft such as cordage and containers from the individual trees they identify. Students will walk away with several handcrafted projects and a deeper understanding of the forest in how certain trees cater towards a particular medicine, craft or skill over others.

Gear List:

4in. Minimum Fixed Blade Knife, Folding Saw, Hatchet, Combination Tool like a Leatherman or SAK, Pruning Shears for Camp Projects, 1 Sail Needle, 2 Stainless steel tins with enclosed lids (2 altoids tins will work fine), 1 haversack or foraging pouch

Recommended Items: Sleep system (Tent/Hammock), Headlamp with Spare Batteries, Proper Clothing for Season and Weather, Leather Gloves, Cookware for personal meals, food/snacks, Hygiene items, Notebooks and Pencils, and Combustion Devices

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