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Land Navigation

 Level I

Dates:  JULY 28,  SEPT 8,  OCT 6

1 Day Class


This class is designed to teach students how to use map and compass with confidence. It covers map reading, terrain association, shooting and following an azimuth, back azimuths, intersection, resection, baselines, magnetic declination, map grids, and using a map with a UTM coordinates. The field exercise is a nav course where the students utilize what they have learned under the parachute classroom. Even if you have never held a compass before you will walk away knowing how to use a map and compass in a wilderness environment.


This course consists of:

- Compass basics

- Orienting a Map For North Reference

- Traveling to a Target

- Backstops, Handrails, and Aiming Off

- Topo Map Basics

- Pace Counting

- UTM Coordinate System

- Understanding and Adjusting for Declination 


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