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Advanced Survival Level III
minimal kit primitive skills based

5 Day Class / Overnight 

Dates:  October 23-27


*Prerequisite:  Bushcraft Skills Level 2




I strongly believe that you can learn more with limited gear, than you can with a backpack full of equipment. So in this experiment we will explore all the possibilities of human survival. Throughout this class we will have exercises that need to be completed,  including hiking through the forest using only natural navigation and terrain association.    


You don’t have to think about batteries, tents, sleeping bags, or which backpacking meal to eat that evening, because you won’t have any of these items. What you will have is a team of very experienced survival instructors by your side teaching you what is possible with only 3 items. But, anything you scavenge off the land is fair game, just as it would be in a real survival situation.


Some of the skills covered:

natural shelter building

primitive fire

primitive hunting & fishing

water collection & purification

natural navigation

tree/plant identification & medicine

advanced knife techniques

natural cordage 

animal processing for food and tools

smoking and preserving meat

tool making

and many other valuable skills and techniques.


This class is not for everyone, it won’t be easy at times. You will experience hunger, cold, fatigue, stress, among other difficulties. But I can promise you this, you will leave a different person, a human being that is confident in the wilderness with limited gear, a true survivalist. 

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