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Advanced Fieldcraft
For those ready for the next level of survival training

3 Day Class / Overnight 

Dates:  AUGUST 23-25


*Very difficult class, physically and mentally demanding*

Title:  Advanced Fieldcraft Course


The Advanced Fieldcraft Course is a comprehensive and immersive program designed to equip participants with advanced skills in wilderness survival and fieldcraft. This course delves into essential subjects that are crucial for individuals seeking to master the art of thriving in challenging environments. Participants will undergo rigorous training in various disciplines, ensuring they emerge with a heightened level of confidence and competence in the great outdoors.

Subjects Covered:

1. Essential Gear: Participants will be introduced to the 'minimal kit mentality' essential to think clearly and move quickly in a survival situation. Only a few items are needed if you have a strong skillset, this module focuses on selecting, maintaining, and effectively utilizing gear to enhance overall preparedness.

2. Survival Psychology: Understanding the psychological aspects of survival is paramount in any challenging situation. This module explores the mental resilience required to overcome stress, fear, and uncertainty. Participants will learn strategies to maintain a positive mindset and make sound decisions under pressure.

3. Land Navigation: Mastering land navigation is a fundamental skill for anyone venturing into the wilderness. This module covers advanced map reading, compass navigation, P.A.U.L. method of self mapping, and terrain association. Participants will hone their ability to navigate through varied landscapes with precision, including at night.


4. First Aid: In remote and demanding environments, knowledge of first aid is crucial. This module goes beyond basic first aid and focuses on advanced medical techniques, improvised medical solutions, and dealing with injuries in austere conditions. Participants will develop the skills needed to respond effectively to medical emergencies in the field.

5. Shelter: Creating effective and sustainable shelters is a key aspect of survival. Participants will learn advanced techniques for shelter construction using natural materials, as well as how to deploy modern shelter systems. Emphasis will be placed on adapting to different climates and terrains.

6. Firecraft: Mastering firecraft is essential for cooking, warmth, and signaling for rescue. This module covers advanced fire-starting techniques, fire management, and safety. Participants will learn how to build and maintain fires in various conditions, ensuring their ability to stay warm and cook food in the wild.

7. Water: Access to clean water is paramount for survival. This module covers advanced water purification methods, sourcing water in different environments, and water conservation strategies. Participants will gain practical skills in securing and treating water for consumption.

8. Signaling: Effective communication is vital in emergency situations. This module covers advanced signaling techniques using both traditional and modern methods. Participants will learn how to use signals to attract attention, communicate with rescuers, and navigate in a group.

The Advanced Fieldcraft Course is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, and professionals seeking to enhance their capabilities in challenging environments. By the end of the program, participants will have acquired a comprehensive skill set that empowers them to confidently face the rigors of the wilderness and respond effectively to unexpected situations.

Class Gear List:

- Small day Pack with Dry Bag Liner

- Fixed Blade Knife

- USGI Poncho

- USGI Poncho Liner

- 550 Cord (50' only)

- Headlamp w/ red lens

- Metal Bottle (single wall about 40 oz.)

- Compass (similar to Suunto MC-2)

- Pace Beads

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