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Bushcraft Level I

  Dates:  May 18,  June 15

1 Day Class

An inspirational journey through the fundamental skills of bushcraft, this course provides a broad and solid foundation of practical skill and knowledge upon which you can build and develop. It is an ideal place to begin your journey with RWS and is a challenging and immensely rewarding regardless of previous experience.

Each skill has been hand picked and included in our syllabus based on its value and practicality for wilderness bushcraft camping. Instructors will expertly explain, demonstrate and guide you through a day of intense learning designed to prepare, challenge and inspire in equal measure.

This is a great class to bring the family as well, we accommodate for children as young as 8 and we include them as much as possible!

Skills covered in this class:


 - knife, axe, saw technique & maintenance

- fire skills 

- tarp shelters 

- wilderness knots

 - water purification 

- proper gear and tool selection 

- crafting items needed around camp

*A gear list will be emailed to you upon sign up for this class*

Arrival: Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the start time listed above; Food: Remember to pack energy snacks and water for the day.

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