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Meet our team:

Our team of dedicated instructors have the skills it takes to teach and have gone through many challenges to gain the experience necessary to be able to instruct the many students who pass through our classes here at Raven Wilderness School. 


Jeff Hatch

Owner / Founder / Lead Instructor

Jeff grew up Massachusetts where he spent his younger years fishing, hunting, camping, building forts and shelters. His first introduction​ to the outdoors was with the Boy Scouts, were he gained a strong foundation in basic wilderness skills. As he got older he studied primitive skills and wilderness survival with various school across the country, focusing on building a solid foundation in tradition wilderness bushcraft. His mentors for many years have been bushcraft and survival instructor, Lars Falt of Sweden and Ray Mears of the United Kingdom.  Safety in the wilderness is very important for him, Jeff is a Wilderness First Responder.  Jeff’s travels have taken him on many wilderness adventures around the world including Vancouver Island BC, Canadian Rockies and Alaska. Jeff founded Raven Wilderness School in 2015 where he teaches traditional bushcraft and survival skills.

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Joe Tuliano
Survival Instructor

 Joe grew up in a small town in central MA, he had interest in the outdoors at a young age and it is where he ended up spending most of his time. If he wasn't on the water fishing and kayaking he was hiking mountains and exploring the wilderness. Nowadays you will find Joe hunting, fishing, and living a more self reliant life style as he owns a small self sufficient farm. He practices his wilderness skills daily and is continuing to improve on his bushcraft and survival skillset to pass along to students as they come through. "Self Reliance is key" Joe always says, and he will always go the extra mile to ensure each and every student understands the task at hand and leaves with a positive more self reliable mindset. Joe came to Raven Wilderness School as a student and quickly developed to an instructor due to his love for the outdoors and teaching of like minded students.


Tony Powers

Guest Instructor

Tony was raised in Terre Haute, In where he spent his childhood hunting, fishing and trapping with his grandpa, uncles, and cousins. Born in a family of woodsmen (and woodswomen) he learned many valuable wilderness skills at a young age.

When not teaching Modern and Primitive wilderness skills across the Country, Tony can be found at the nearest stream with a fly rod in hand or in his garage making knives. 

"In the wilderness you are always a student never a master"

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