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Bushcraft Skills

Level II

JULY 20-21

2 Day Class / Overnight

Bushcraft Level II is designed to build upon the skills learned in Bushcraft Level I. This class focuses on more advanced wilderness survival techniques, including shelter building, advanced fire starting, natural navigation, foraging for food, water purification, all while working as a team. Students will gain a deeper understanding of natural resources and learn how to thrive in the wilderness with limited supplies. This course is ideal for those who have completed Bushcraft Level 1 or have equivalent experience.


We will review fire construction and use of the fire steel from the previous level I class. Then move to the bow drill friction fire method. Which is where we will spend the bulk of day two on this subject. Learning about locating the correct wood, all components of the bow drill as well as your best to find fire components to give you the best chance of success for bow drill.


After discussing basic tarp shelters learned previously in Level 1, we will dive deep into short & long term natural shelter, plus using a heat source for each type of shelter, strong structuring of your shelter, bedding, natural rain cover and quick natural shelters.


We will discuss further into water purification, discuss boiling tempatures, purification methods, locating and no bottling methods.


We will review knots learned in Level I, then the student will get a chance to use these knots in a real world setting.


After a safety talk we will get into more advanced techniques like, properly felling a tree, safe saw use, knife techniques and maintenance. 

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