2018/2019 Class Schedule

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Basic Wildern​ess Skills


On​e Day Class
Dates: Dec. 22, Jan. 5 & 26
​​​​Firecraft: prep, tinder, ignition
​​​Tarp Shelter​​
Axe & Knife Safety / Technique
Basic Bushcraft Skills
W​ilderness Knots
Bushcraft ​Gear Selection
Water Purification
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Intermediate Wilderness Skills


Two Day Class
Dates: Feb. 23, March 2

Firecraft incl​uding Flint & Steel

Shelter: Tarp & Natural
Axe - Knife - Saw Techniques
Water Gathering & Purification
Wilderness Kitchen & Cooking
Gear Selection for Multi-Day Trips
Wilderness Knots & Lashings
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Minimalist Class


Two Day Class
​Dates: January 5-6

Have you ever wanted to really test your skills.. and yourself?

Well this class will do just that.

These are the only kit items allowed:



Metal Container

Fire Steel

Wool Blanket

Paracord 50'



*pack & snowshoes allowed as well

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Winter Bushcraft Skills


Two Day Class
Dates: Jan. 19-20 & Feb. 2-3
Cold Weather Psychology
Water Collection & Purification
Scandinavian Long Fire
Axe / Knife / Saw Techniques
Shelter: Winter Lean-To
Wilderness Knots & Lashings
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One Day Class
​Every Sunday
​Tinder Collection & Identification
Fire Prep 101
Fire Steel
Flint & Steel
Bow Drill
Hand Drill
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Wood Carving & Crafting


One Day Class
Dates: As Requested
Introduction to carving tools
Wood Species
Basic Camp Utensils
Carving Techniques
Spoon Carving
Tool Maintenance
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