Jeff Hatch Owner/Instructor

I've had a close connection with nature since i was a young child, always out in the forest making forts and exploring. As i got older I studied primitive skills, and how Native Americans lived their lives, i would recreate everything i learned. I also studied the Sami people of Lapland Scandinavia and learned so much about what it takes to live and survive in a cold climate. I've had many wilderness adventures around the world including Vancouver Island, British Columbia and Alaska. I now focus what i have learned into teaching other people how to not only survive but to thrive in the wild. I also work with a few outdoor companies, currently I'm an ambassador for Morakniv and UCO Gear and do events with Fjallraven.

All classes are held at our primitive camp in Williamsburg Massachusetts


2018 Class Schedule

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Basic Wilderness Skills

Cost: $100.00

Duration: 1 Day Class

  • Firecraft
  • Shelter Building
  • Knife & Axe Safely
  • Wilderness Knots
  • Basic Bushcraft Skills
  • Gear Selection 5 C's

Intermediate Wilderness Skills

Cost: $200.00

Duration: 2 Day Class

  • Firecraft including Flint & Steel
  • Shelter Building
  • Natural Cordage
  • Wilderness Knots & Lashings
  • Water Purification
  • Gear Selection for Multi-Day Trips
  • Wilderness Kitchen & Cooking

Advance Wilderness Skills

Cost: $250.00

Duration: 2 Day Class

  • Firecraft including Friction Fire
  • Advance Shelter Building
  • Tarp Shelters
  • Water Gathering & Purification
  • Wild Edibles (seasonal)
  • Natural Cordage
  • Primitive Traps
  • Primitive Hunting Tools
  • Survival Mentality & Psychology

Wilderness Survival Intensive

Cost: $300.00

Duration: 3 Day Class

  • Survival Mentality & Psychology
  • Water- Collection/Purification
  • Shelter- Natural & Tarp
  • Fire- Primitive & Modern 
  • Food- Primitive Hunting & Fishing, Wild Edibles, Primitive Traps 
  • Natural Cordage
  • Must Have 5 C's / Kit Selection
  • Wilderness Knots & Lashings
  • Rescue Signals & Codes


Cost: $100.00

Duration: 1 Day Class

  • Tinder Identity & Collection
  • Tinder bundle / Birds nest
  • Firewood Processing
  • Firelay & Preparation
  • Making Char Igniters 
  • Bowdrill 
  • Handdrill
  • Flint & Steel
  • Fire Steel (Ferro Rod)

Land Navigation

Cost: $100.00

Duration: 1 Day Class

  • Parts of the Compass
  • Reading a Topo Map
  • Adjusting for Declination
  • Terrain Awareness
  • Taking & Following a Bearing
  • Pace Beads / Determining Distance
  • Dead Reckoning w/o Map
  • Use of Handrails, Backstops, Baselines, Waypoints
  • Obstacles 90-90-90
  • Triangulation

Primitive Fire - Flint & Steel

Firecraft is one of the most important skills you can learn, with fire you cook your food, purify your water, and warm your body

Primitive Fire - Hand Drill

I like the hand drill because of its simplicity, besides the tinder bundle you only need to two parts, fireboard and a spindle

Morning in the forest

Early morning is a great time to be in the forest, on this day i listen to animals as i collected tinder for my fire